SixFive Stadium Experience


Our modular stadium solutions are cost effective, quick to complete, and have an overall sustainable impact. We focused on 4 key aspects when designing our stadiums, time-savings, cost-savings, flexibility, and high-durability.
The ideal stadium capacity varies according to the population of the city where it is to be built and the audience density. The most popular stadiums are those with a capacity of 7,500 seats, 10,000 seats, 15,000 seats and 20,000 seats.
Stadium construction time varies according to person capacity. The standard stadium for a 7,500-seat & 10,000-seat capacity can be completed within 4 – 6 months.
Our stadium’s core is made of a galvanized steel structure that offers a long life of durability. The elastic properties of the steel combined with the high-tech joints dissipate any seismic solicitation.

Under the grandstands you can normally use a reinforced concrete pad, but if there are any modifications to our standard stadium design and the roof structure it might require larger footings to support the cantilever roof system.

This will ultimately have to be designed by a local foundation engineer (SixFive to support and guide during this project managing phase) and will be based on the soil conditions at the field.

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